At Infoportal, we know how to optimize, for example, energy consumption in productive assets. We also apply AI neurons in machines. This way we help reduce costs and reduce waste. (Infoportal Consulting).

Reinventing the way to produce and operate industrial assets never before required a new level of technology. The optimization of energy inputs, productive times and better controlled processes are part of the day-to-day business sector.

At Infoportal we have energy optimization cases of up to 15% in reduction of electricity consumption, through the use of neural networks and we help to better decide how to operate optimally.

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About Operational Optimization

In an optimization process, our activity focuses on detecting response variables that have a high economic impact on the process. These variables are all considered on a map of possibilities together with improvement decisions.

Example: In a beverage production process, producing cold water using compressors, the energy cost is the one with the greatest economic impact. The compressors operate automatically and the operators execute the operational decisions: turn on, turn off, increase hectoliters flow, among others.

Where can we optimize in your company?

We mainly focus our efforts on all industrial variables, in which an asset is difficult to control, examples for optimization:

Ideal parameters of energy consumption.
Ideal production parameters: Availability, capacity and production

Better use of raw material resources
Synchronization o f operational, physical and interdepartmental decisions.

How to produce more without having to invest in new assets?

An easy way is to be able to make complex decisions are supported with Artificial Intelligence: Achieve optimization Electric Power, gas consumption, water, production materials.

Case of Energy in compressors:
A real case of optimization is a water cooling process through the use of industrial compressors. The need is to be able to offer a guide to those who operate the assets, since environmental conditions, high demand for the product and chemical materials applied, affect the optimal delivery of cold water.

How much energy would have to be consumed to evaluate a return on investment?

Infoportal helps to find the ideal moment for the response variables with the greatest impact to be assisted and to stop being a complex decision. We can always start with a low-cost initial step, the great advantage here is to convert your business into a digital and much more optimal one.

“It is not the same energy: delivering 20,000 liters at 3 degrees Celsius than at 7 C” the cooling capacity is had, the decision becomes complex to know how to deliver water at 7 C and that my production is not affected.

“By letting the algorithms understand which will be the best decision for us, it has saved us a consumption of more than half a million dollars in 1 year, this type of project is paid automatically.”

Our system works as a great guide, this being a much more accurate decision map, where the operators are part of the improvement and we put aside the operational criteria.

Not for nothing, nowadays, we see that a GPS-type system helps us get to our destination faster, this being the first step of optimization, we improve because we rely on technology. Now is the time for our industrial assets to get better.

How can we help you?

Consult with us, an advisor can help you discover large areas of optimization. Request an appointment. Not only energy cases apply: Routes, materials, waste, waste. In short, there is a world of opportunities, we invite you to use technology to your advantage, you will be surprised at what we can do now.

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Areas where we can apply optimization

At Infoportal we have a wide list of optimizations made in processes of different industries, we invite you to make an appointment with one of our specialists.

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