Asset Availability
and Performance

With critical assets, with high risk of failure and that require high availability, at Infoportal we help generate cost reduction strategies associated with maintenance and production errors.
We offer a strategy to monitor the conditions of critical assets, which allow us to break down failures and predictively prevent major events.

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What type of assets can we include in an APM strategy?

In which cases does an APM strategy apply?

  • When an asset spends more than expected in energy resources, efficiency and constantly presents failures that affect production.
  • When maintenance budget constraints make it critical to reduce costs.
  • To attend unplanned downtime events with a greater strategic impact.
  • In assets that can never fail, guaranteeing their availability.
  • When looking to change from planned or corrective maintenance activities to a predictive maintenance model.

We invite you to learn more about APM’s strategy. Infoportal represents software leaders with the best Asset Performance practices who are sure to be of great help in solving complex challenges.

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