We are a company committed to quality, we carry out small and large-scale projects in any type of industry.

Committed to what we do

The Projects program was developed to enrich and extend the useful life of your software and hardware. Combine software updates and updates with technical support services. We are experts to help you keep your automation projects running at an optimal level, as well as increase your operational efficiency.

The Support and Maintenance Program is available for all GE, KEPWARE & PTC products and applications.

Our consultancy will help you save from 15-30% in operating costs

Our scheme to work, focuses from the beginning on being able to collect the data of the machine or set of machines as a productive system.

The data collection is to store the records of the behavior of each variable and observe the movements, anomalies, ratio and significance profile, among others. In such a way that if an asset increases or decreases its functionality, turns it on or off, or changes its process conditions, all this will be analyzed and used to better understand its behavior and be able to create a model.

Our service contemplates the creation of analytical models for prediction and prescription of critical cases in the industry.

The operational savings of controlling a production process, optimizing complex response variables, generate from 15% to 30% in cost savings.

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