Hyper Digitalization

We help turn the physical @ digital world. Production models based on IIOT & Industrial Automation platforms, as the new way of working. (Thingworx consulting and platforms).

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About Hyper Digitalization

We know that technology advanced dramatically in all environments: personnel, processes, artificial intelligence, mobility, interconnectivity, cloud, etc., without expecting it, hyper digitalization became part of us, it is the day-to-day in many decisions and the industry along with your assets are no exception.

New industrial challenges now raise questions: How to master the concept of “hyperdigitalize”? How to take advantage of this? Do we have digital governments in place that foster successful businesses and operations? Do we have the infrastructure available? Are we trained to do it?

If we take into account that the production assets are equipment with several years of operation, with little to no digital communication capacity, with different protocols, obsolescence or technical ignorance. Infoportal proposes that it is time to create a hyper digitalization strategy for your industrial assets.

When the plant has a multiplicity of equipment to connect, the complexity of this increases. Data is lost or does not reach its primary destination.

Over time, our clients have solved this type of needs step by step, thinking about different stages: Sensorization, Connectivity, Protocols, Automation, Data storage, Decision models and now Artificial Intelligence.

It is important to know these stages and above all, to be able to define it in a long-term model, where it allows you to better plan your technological resources. It is always better to be prepared with a hyper digital plant design.

Infoportal offers a series of services associated with finding the optimal convergence solution for IT systems with OT systems. It is looking for the right channel to operate the physical world with the digital.

Contact a consultant from our team, he will be able to advise on various ideas of hyper digitalization in which to use it and how to attend cases where multiple platforms have to be joined.

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What is hyperdigitalization for us?

Isolated production assets require a high degree of supervision. If the sensors part is not covered, we can do a study to identify what is strictly necessary to digitize the processes. In such a way that hyperdigitalization contemplates different stages to obtain all the indicators and variables of production and process for a better operation.

We invite you to learn more, make an appointment with us, we can give you a better perspective and use cases of what we can achieve with this initiative.

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