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Industrial Data Hub

Universal access to correct data, ordered by time.

The source of the best decisions will always be our production assets. If we turn to blackboards on the plant floor and waste efforts to obtain reports and real-time information, it is time to consider an industrial data hub that allows having a reliable source of information, easy to use and high availability.

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Kepware is a global leader in industrial connectivity, it is software with different capabilities focused on integrating IT & OT systems, meeting information needs in a practical and secure way.

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Kepware is one of the pillars of our digital transformation strategy.

When industrial digitization begins, we help you take the first step:

From a sensor, a PLC, Pac system or any advanced control system, it can all be brought together using the powerful Kepware interoperability software.

The first step is not difficult, since the current existing infrastructure is the first thing you can connect, without the need to modify, change or spend additionally. Kepware is a very flexible, open, multiprotocol tool and has the ability to connect any existing device.

You can request a 30-day demo license at no cost, we know it will be very useful, connect with an infoportal technical advisor, we can guide you to solve these new challenges in the new normal.

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Where to apply an industrial data hub?

In production plants with multiple automation equipment, PLC, PAC and various scattered sensors, with difficulty in obtaining a numerical record of their behavior.

When the digital records of the production asset are not consistent with the reality of the process or production.

In multiple work teams, production, processes that require a high degree of synchronization to carry out the work together.

In different assets with different denominations and years of age that require a great effort to be able to connect.

In multiple protocols and diverse indicator needs now related in the corporate cloud.