For over 30 years, AIUT has been delivering advanced solutions in automation and robotization of industrial processes, as well as intelligent IoT ecosystems. We implement comprehensive projects for clients around the world thanks to the high competence of our engineering teams.

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AIUT is a private, engineering company delivering complex technical solutions worldwide.

With over 1000 employees, including more than 600 specialized engineers, we are one of the biggest interdisciplinary integrators from Europe, covering a wide scope of Industry 4.0 dimensions: mechanical, electrical, PLC, robots, electronics, industrial IT, and more. We manage innovative projects, including technology creation and building proprietary solutions for customers.

AIUT’s main scope of operation is services that require being local. AIUT also expands its business units (competence centers) to have its engineering teams closer to the customer, because being local matters more and more.

AIUT always delivers and takes responsibility for the execution and the good performance of its projects since trust and partnership with customers is the key driver to reach our strategic objective: successful long-term relationships.

With more than 3.000 projects developed in 45 countries around the globe, in 2022 AIUT is opening new ventures in Latin America and the Middle East to reinforce its presence with additional technical, rollout, management, and services capabilities.

We specialize in the construction of robotic lines and stations, automation of industrial processes, and intelligent IoT ecosystems. One of our main core values is INNOVATION. We support our customers in the challenges of growing in demanding environments.

We focus on specific market segments for industrial companies with the emphasis on:

We neuronize energy management of fuels with

Zero leakages, zero losses = No worries!

It is world’s most precise system that gives you the automated control of the fuel flow: from the depot to the end customer.

This smart big data solution can easily increase business profitability by reducing both fuel losses and risks of leakages.

The most common losses detected are: on delivery, on nozzle overdispensing, on leakages.


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