Artificial Intelligence

Our offer is for production processes and industrial assets, together with our experience since 2005, it helps our clients find areas for improvement in their transformation and digitization. We have achieved savings from 15% to 30% in operating costs and energy supplies in different industries.

We focus on industrial operations for the elaboration of products, mixtures, assemblies, management and control of assets, consumption of raw materials, optimization of energy inputs, water, gas, energy, among others.

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How do we optimize existing assets?

It is common to think that an existing asset cannot be improved or achieve an extra for optimization. These assets already have a proven structure of doing things well, and that is why it is believed that it cannot evolve further. However, it is possible by applying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning techniques.

To give an example: a compressor is optimized for electrical consumption conditions, cooling generation, pressure, etc., but: How can I improve its current conditions? How to make it perform more without increasing my energy consumption? At Infoportal we install a Neuron (IA Neural Network), we connect all the critical variables, analyze them and generate a data model to generate value in the decisions of the operation.

What are the important variables to work with AI?

We always consider all variables relevant to the process of a complete decision. For example, we need to optimize the electrical energy in a compressor room. What variables do we find? Flows, Temperatures, Suction Pressures, Tank Levels, PH Measurements, Ammonium Dosage, among others. These variables and others are what feed the model and are critical for a detailed understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

How to get an AI model?

First it is important to connect the machine, obtain its data and store it. Then we will begin to train the data structure, which will give the first indications of a complex decision.

Our work will consist in that from the data obtained, we will deliver a decision model based on the critical response variables found, which we will be able to apply Machine Learning techniques and obtain a base of better results.

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How to improve human judgment in automated assets?

An asset can be optimized if we measure its standard of operation and the amount of semi-automatic criteria that human judgment has to manage.

Let’s say, if a compressor in a plant is automated it is turned on and off with a button on a screen, however, knowing how long it should be off, when it should be turned on and how to synchronize with the process is a good example of how improve human criteria, to apply Artificial Intelligence techniques.