Augmented Reality

We help our clients innovate to quickly adapt to the challenge of transformation and digitization in an optimal way, obtaining the best return on their investment. Projects and products to take advantage of new augmented reality techniques. (Augmented Reality Vuforia)

Innovation is the spirit to do things better. Augmented reality delivers production decisions with real support, not in person and with a great impact on the way of working. Once a technological challenge, it is now normal operating practice. Augmented reality capitalizes on operating experience and reduces staff turnover costs, in addition virtual experiences reduce the risks of errors in production processes to the maximum.

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Augmented Reality powered by Vuforia PTC

The transformation of the industrial world has never before been so digital, powerful and so simple to understand. Experts in industrial assets, whom we know as experts and holders of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and electronic knowledge, can now better support each other and share their expertise through the use of Augmented Reality.

In a world where physical reality, social distancing, and healthcare challenges, industrialists can now continue to do their jobs completely digitally. Without the limitation of being present, on one side of the machine and now with exponentially agile digital services to solve situations, our industry will never be the same again.

Augmented reality glasses: Life in digital exceeded and increased the technical capabilities of the personnel in the plant, to the extent that augmented reality glasses are now part of the daily work tool, without having to invest in additional physical assets, the lenses can create identical environments and experiences, allowing machines to be manipulated, maintained, and followed by correct production patterns.

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How can an Augmented Reality system help us?

Pokayoke digital. An augmented reality system is capable of accurately reproducing each step that the operator has to take, as a sequence of a product with a high quality standard. If assembling a product requires a higher level of training, this system can be trained so that with dynamic help, things are always done right the first time. Now we can create a digital pokayoke.

New staff requiring training. Capitalizing on training investments now with augmented reality are much more profitable and have great additional benefits: They are always available.

Transfers and remote support. Remote industrial assets can now be supported remotely, through guides and digitized support, any technician can be helped much faster without the need for an expert to attend the event site.

Encapsulated expertise. Capture the experience gained in the process, now it can be digitized and error-proofed. Procedural steps, workflows, and decisions can now be supported visually.

Save time in troubleshooting. In the end, the agility of response, the skill and knowledge available at the fingertips of a tablet, cell phone or any electronic device, offers the potential to observe what is happening faster now and that can be prevented by doing my job better.

Increase the availability of machines. By not requiring the specialized support of an expert, the solution of typical problems, could now be advised virtually along with the visual guide so that any person or technician can have the ability to fix defects in production machines. In such a way that the availability of machines is much greater.

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How do we apply augmented reality?

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When multiple visual decisions approximate complex decisions that cannot be detected with the human eye.


To capitalize on training and production expertise, despite staff turnover.


When we need to reduce errors and remote presence is required to provide support.


When the sequences and production phases suffer to give a correct follow-up.


In dynamic sequences without a guide to the operator and how to do his job.


In reducing infrastructure investment to generate an automated process.