Edge Hardware
and Software

Equipment of your projects on the way to Hyperdigitalization. Operator panels, spare parts for PLC, PAC equipment. Industrial Computers. (Emerson, HTK)

Now, in an environment of multiple changes, to continue operating correctly we must take a look at what type of equipment we install, from automation equipment to programming structures for industrial internet, which requires us to prepare assets for better operation.

We have strategic alliances with hardware and software providers that will make a base of your integrated system, starting from Edge.

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What do we mean by Edge?

Edge is the last technological link to integrate production equipment to the industrial internet, and these must have the computing capacity and connectivity for the infrastructure to support all digitization requirements.


Edge hardware and software examples

  • Computers integrated to production control, located on the plant floor and with low cost.
  • Hardware capable of multiple signals, vibration, temperature and motion control capable of pattern recognition and new artificial intelligence functions.
  • Controllers for multiple points, with performance and reading capabilities in diverse protocols.
  • Smart sensors and rfid tracking devices for asset identification and production tracking

Smart machines

The machines did not know about artificial intelligence. Now, they are part of the main strategy within the modern manufacturing environment.

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